ABOUT ME niQ Owner/Creator of NKD Designs

I have been making hand crafted goods for as long as I can remember. It all began with designs from my grandmother Louise B. Huntley. As a little girl I would watch her create reproductions of designer clothing using hand sketched patterns & manually dyed materials, looking back, I now see this was the start of all my creative designs I use today.

I have inherited my grandmother ability for pattern making, my fathers love for wood working, and my mom's genius of interior design, mixed all together it makes up NKD Designs!

I always use unique, one of a kind findings from: agate, quartz, native american beads, rare religious charms and pendants from Italy and beyond.

Most of my items can be reproduced but nothing can be made exactly the same, which makes NKD Designs interesting, boho chic and fashion forward.

I 'm currently involved in jewelry design, handbags and home goods. I thank everyone, everyday for all the love & support~for that fuels me to carry out my dream of design.

NKD Designs
My Logo was Created Out of True Love for My Fur ry Kids!~
N+niQ K+Kyuss D+Daisy = NKD